So today I was feeling sorry for myself, I had read my horoscope for this year (now look I am a Christian but I always read my star sign, I don’t know why so don’t ask haha I think I just want something to tell me that everything will work out) and it said that February was supposed to be bringing me good news… like horay, about damn time 😂

It is now the 21st of February and I have received nothing but, average to bad, news.

I was feeling disheartened, I know, so silly. But today for some reason I just felt like I couldn’t keep my head above water as I was dropping Muziq off to school. Being secretly salty that I ran out of credit so I couldn’t keep calling hit105 for the secret sound $50,000… Because let’s be honest who doesn’t need $50,000? Like I’m happy for the people who won it, they needed it too, but… It’s not Me haha

I didn’t make training this morning, I was tired as hell because Mefi and I were running too late at 5am this morning to have our normal long black coffee to keep me awake (disgusting but gets the job done)…you know what the whole day could have just been thrown in the bin at that point… But that’s just it… It was 9am! My day had just started.

So as I was driving home I tried to shift my mindset and be grateful for what I had, said a thankful prayer and kept trying to change my mood. Like I wasn’t in a bad mood, just deflated.

I decided that I would turn the car around and take the kids to the park (after Muziq went to school)

The light in my kids eyes when they saw we had stopped at the park was precious.

That’s what life is about, the small things, they add up and make big moves in your life in the way of gratitude and happiness.

I asked my kids to tell me three things that made them happy. Egypt replied with “God, the park and school”

I thought to myself, they were actually such amazing choices from a four year old. God, for spiritual happiness, the park for making your soul happy (and body) and school for engaging your brain and enabling you to create a life you love. I was proud!

Then I thought, I bet I’ll ask Major and he’ll give me some ridiculous answers, he’s two what can I really expect of him?

So I asked Major anyway and he said “here”

This is what turned my mood around. My two year old son, although it may have just been a word he just wanted to say with no meaning behind it, hit me in my feelings lol (thanks Drake for loving Keke and giving us all catch phrases to last a lifetime)

Everything around me was going wrong but I wasn’t being grateful that I was here. Gary Vaynerchuck (@garyvee) always says the fact that you’re even born, is a miracle!

Out of all the sperm that could have riggled into your mum’s egg…it was YOU! (I know graphical, sorry)

So I asked him “what else, son”

He replied with “Elsa, school”

And then I was like oh there’s my son being grateful for a damn movie 😂 just kidding, they’re both simple things but something we should be so grateful for, everything that is so easily accessible to us, we forget to be grateful for.

Anyway that was my morning and I just thought I’d share it just incase someone else may be struggling with their morning.

Just thought I’d add too, if you’re wanting to include more gratitude into your lives, go check out Finding Harmony Designs or @findingharmony_designs on Instagram she has artwork for your home to inspire gratitude and uploads regular instastories to teach you minfulness and gratitude 👏just incase you’re needing something to uplift you today

Live your life

Love from mine to yours


What happened to me?

Hay Guys, this has got to be the most awkward feeling I have had writing in a very long time! Because… I actually haven’t written in a very long time. Truth be told, I hit a brick wall with my writing. I sort of lost interest, not because I didn’t love writing my blogs, I think it was more putting pressure on myself and because my time was more limited (having our third child) and I felt like I had no stories to offer anyone anymore.

It’s not true! Everyone has a story to tell. You too, could start blogging today and write something that you may think is mundane but may be intriguing to others. You could document your daily feelings and pretend it is like a diary (people are naturally super nosey even when they try not to be, so, juicy diary like writing intrigues people, they feel like they’re picking your brain without actually having to be social with you haha)

For example:

Dear diary,

I am friggen pissed, my car broke down.

On another note the RACQ guy is hot… Don’t tell my boyfriend

Obviously this is hypothetical 😬 awkwarddddddd…..

“X O X O gossip girl” hahaha kidding

On serious note though, people will read it because, they either wanna know what happened to the car or… How hot on a scale of 1-10 the RACQ guy is 😂

Document how your wedding planning is going, how you created that business, how you deal with that child, how frustrated you were today, what place you ate at for the 100th time this week, how you’re feeling about your new home, starting that new job, recipes for homemade toilet cleaner (for real though if you know of any, let me know, I have an inspection coming up and I need everything to shine bright like a diamond) or what the hell kind of coffee you order everyday! You can write about anything!

My headspace has not been focused enough for writing, well that’s what I thought anyway. But, today I thought to myself, why? Why am I not writing? I’m looking for an outlet for all my thoughts and emotions and life in general and my blog has been here the whole time.

Like, you know on days where your kids are being horrid and your husband has ignored your important stories and doesn’t realise you have repeated them 5 times already to see if he’s actually listening… He’s not! Thanks Mef 🙄

The reason I started my blog in the first place was because I was mentally in need of an escape. I wasn’t enjoying my life at that point in time and found peace in writing about funny, frustrating moments and things I was grateful for (my children and my marriage)

Anyway, I’m kind of writing this post to let you guys know that I’m still here and have goals to continue writing this year, but also to let the people who keep messaging me about how they can too start a blog, to just START!

But, nothing comes overnight, you can’t fake a story and you can’t fake HARD WORK! Anyone can be a blogger but it takes commitment.

Anyway that’s all for now, do something today that you have always wanted to do.

As always, love from mine to yours,

Carmen x

Shit my husband does

Ai, ai, ai (this is said like a Spanish person… Like “OMG”… It doesn’t mean “eat,  eat,  eat” for all my Samoan readers 😂😉 unless you’re ‘feeding’ your nosey personality, but thats none of my business though)

Sorry that was a bit savage haha

*Disclaimer, I don’t own any meme photos, I match them to my comedy,  because I’m friggen hilarious, thanks Google *

Anyway, Where do I begin? …

As you may have seen on my instagram @twogiftd (if you’re not following me, you need to asap) I recently posted that my husband had been giving me some ‘inspiration’as of late to get this blog post done. By that I mean he has been the most annoying person on the planet and I decided to make a list about it (like when an angry white person [yes I am aware I’m white y’all] says “I’m going to write an angry letter” because obviously it solves everything lol) but mine is a ‘list’ WATCHOUT!  

I must be fired up about this… Sorry, I feel all aggressive and invested now that I’ve said I’m making a list and set the scene as an angry white woman writing an angry letter Hahaha.

No I’m joking, look,  most of the things my sweet,  darling,  pain in the bubble butt husband (overly confident in my own butt size, obviously) does is hilarious. But,  living with him means these things are no longer funny because they are now constant. Almost like a sexually confused dog humping your leg,  first time you’re intrigued… Soon after you wonder if it has mental issues (Hahaha sorry Mef…)

But seriously guys I referenced the humping dog because I’m constantly kicking mefi…  Off my leg… For humping me…

Anyone here have a prankster for a husband?

My hand is risen so high I can almost shake Jesus’s hand in heaven (sorry that’s sort of rude and unrealistic haha)

Anyway… I get pranked from Mefi constantly.

For example,  just the other day we were bickering,  being petty about stupid things (his fault,  obviously haha)  and he pranks me by telling me there is a crack in my car window…

I freaked out, of course and then found out it was a joke… Let’s just say I was even more furious haha.

He constantly records me with no shoes or my toes because he knows I hate it haha (this is actually funny but still…)

Hope you enjoyed his lip syncing LOL

Anyway…  Getting into the real stuff now

My husband for some unknown reason,  is  Incapable of wiping down the bathroom mirror after he brushes his teeth.  This may seem like a weird thing to some but,  if you have seen my husband attack his teeth with a toothbrush  then you’d understand why there is toothpaste all over our mirror every damn morning. It has now become a pet peeve of mine. I feel like that snapchat filter with the snowy background is following me around all day, except its way more dirty haha.

I would take a photo but nobody wants to see that lol.

My life revolves around constant roasting sessions between us, honestly. Any chance we have at getting the upper hand at being funnier we snatch it with both hands like a shopaholic at Boxing Day sales haha

Like cutting me out of a photo for example. He thought he was hilarious, but my eyebrows were half decent so I got frustrated haha 1 point to him I guess.

If you have a husband and/or partner who always jokes, make sure you’re switched on 24hours of the day with the ability for a comeback. Even if he says something under his breath or in his sleep,  roast the shit out of that man.

Im lucky that Mefi literally can not whisper, because when he’s talking under his breath I’m like “why you yelling?” Hahahaha

Another annoying thing he does is steal my jokes. Especially when we’re with a group of people and he’s the only one that hears my joke. He’ll repeat the exact same thing but louder and gets everyone laughing and I’m left with no laughs and a stink side eye face (no mercy at all)

On that note I am going to leave it there because I still want my husband to love me when he gets home from work and finds out I’ve been airing his laundry hahaha but there will definitely be a part two!

We really do love each other I swear.

As always, love from mine to yours

Jeans – At ANY Size

Anyone elses husband hate jeans? just mine? OK great

For some absolutely bizarre reason, my husband actually hates women (and most men for that matter) wearing jeans.

I think it is because most people wear them in an unflattering way… but, I am here to prove a point. You can wear jeans at ANY size, as long as you know how to wear them.

I am one of those people who find it extremely difficult to wear jeans because of my body shape. Just so we’re on the same page, to be completely honest my body shape is like a donut and jeans just DONUT (see what I did there) let you breathe hahaha.

Ok moving on…Women don’t despair, help is on its way.

I am just going to make this as graphic as possible for everyone so you can get an idea from photos rather than me rambling on about it in 500 words.

When wearing light blue jeans you wanna stay with the same colour groups, so pastels, whites, clean colours. If you wear light coloured jeans with contradicting colours it can be a bit difficult for it to complement your shape.

Photo from:

As you can see Made Well teamed the light blue denim with a similar coloured pinstripe shirt and sand coloured shoes. The browns and whites compliement the light colour of the denim and create the feel of a relaxed outfit.

The same deal goes for the image below from @spliceboutique, however in reverse.


The below image from @pepamack is what I would recomend if you are trying to go for a hipster, relaxed, grungy look. It incorporates the season trend when it comes to colours like Khaki (if you want to read more into the colour Khaki and how to kill the trend head over to my post Khaki Killa)


Ok now the next image slightly goes against what I said about complimenting colours, but only through a ‘statement set’ which is another area I didnt get to touch base on in my post The Rule of Three. This is where the basic outfit compliments each other, regarding the light denim and white tee. The accessories cohesively go together (case in point, the black hat, glasses, watch and shoes).

The statement set is then added to the ensemble to make it look “put together” and set a different vibe. The statement set in this case is the floral, floor length button up dress draped over the outfit with a tan bag. The bag is supposed to compliment the different colour in the button up and dull it down to be again, more relaxed and give off a spring and/or autumn vibe (remember these seasons are transitional!)

Amazing Outfits on Facebook

Just remember denim can be dressup up or dressed down depending on the season


If you are wanting to go with the more ‘sporty chic’ trend, that has been around for quite a few seasons and has now evolved into an amazing fashion section of its own then the next few examples will show you how you can pull off this trend wearing denim jeans.


Basically, all you do is dress yourself up and add sporty accessories. haha like sneakers, bomber jackets, caps, jackets tied around the waist. the best tip of the year obviously goes to me hahaha.


It just really is that simple, anyone can pull of this look. If you look at @sherlinanym on instagram she is all about that sporty chic trend, she is well worth the insta stalk. She is also my body ‘goals’

If you are wanting a look that will either work well for Uni, college or work, I have answered your requests lol




For uni or college, a relaxed outfit that isnt too hot or cold is the best way to go.

For work, teaming a structured business top (preferably oversized) with usually any type of jeans and loafers works a treat. Having the starbucks coffee in hand and the other accessories is a plus too. If you can have all of them and the outfit, together, you got this shit! LOL

Now to my curvy girls, and even my ‘expecting’ girls, don’t worry I did not forget you!


The same rules apply to my curvy girls when it comes to colours. However… when choosing your jeans be careful with the fit!

I recommend always going for the high waisted option because frankly… it makes you look like all ass and thighs and a smaller waist, which is what we want.

if you are on the more curvier side buying jeans that are a comfortable size is key. Please do not squeeze yourself into a pair of jeans that end up showing your plumbers crack the entire time… I have done this, it is not cool. FOR ANYONE! (sorry y’all)

Expectant mummas

on a side note, obviously if you are like me and are expecting a little you, high waisted options are probably not a good choice. By probably I actually mean, don’t wear them.


If you are expecting I would suggest taking note of the image above from and opting for the boyfriend style type jean, but always remembering with loose fitting jeans like the boyfriend jean to ensure you are wearing the basic shirt and teaming it with a structured jacket (like a bomber or leather jacket).

Also, do not forget to add accessories that compliment the colours. So for harsh jackets like the leather, opt for reds and crisp colours. For bomber jackets you can usually opt for the softer colours and ‘sporty chic’ trends.

Age is just a number

I thought I would also add in a section for my older women. Age is just a number! I am not leaving out any women… well maybe our future women (children) but really everythihng looks cute on kids so go hard or go home lol


for the older beauty, I definitely recommend going for a more relaxed fit and teaming it with various layers. For winter, a crisp shirt and sweater, with a statment necklace or hat and some converse (chucks… preferably in classic white). If it gets even chillier (is that a word), definitely layer it up again with a trench coat or a long layered type jacket. This puts the look together as it compliments the shorter lengths of the sweater.

For summer, you can do the same thing but just go for the crisp shirt and shorter jeans and sneakers or some nice nude sandals. Just make sure you accessorise!

I hope this has helped a few of you out if you have had any denim dilemmas.

As always, love from mine to yours

C x




My baby is two today, where did the time go?

Well, Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. I hope you enjoy your day and never have to have a care in the world because your family have got you, always.

Today I just wanted to do a post about Egypt and how her birthday has gone.

It started with Egypt waking up with the most dirtiest face, shirt and amazing bed hair. I swear I do look after my kids but she went to sleep straight after devouring a bowl of Kopai (Samoan version of cocoa dumplings) so I wasn’t game enough to try and get her up to clean up.

Because she would have done this. Haha and I never would have heard the end of it.

And the only thing you can do is make this face… Like girl really? You’re gonna go there now? After everything I do for you? Haha

To think when you get older and sleeping is no longer an “achievement” you wish you could just nap all day. But, as a kid you’ll fight that shit like the plague. The fuck you mean sleep

After breakfast she re-opened the presents she found and opened last night, because they were “hers” and “it ma berdays” (it’s my birthday). She seemed to be just as blown away with them as much as she was last night so that was great. Phew!

The only thing she commented on was the bag it came in though haha “oh! Pretty berdays”

The one thing that takes the least amount of time and effort to find is what she likes lol.

Anyway, being the ‘cool mum’ that I am haha but really… I decided to take the girls to the park.

But I first, had to make sure I had my trusty re-heated coffee in hand. Because frankly, waking up at 5:30 this morning to drop my husband off just wasn’t sitting well with this morning hater haha.

I ended up finding a little tucked away park in the New Port area that had a little cafe/Barista attached to it, which was obviously so much cooler than a regular park

Muziq decided to be a cool guy and get stuck at the top of the playground *forehead slap* like really? Why were you so confident climbing up the ladder then get to the top, where I can’t help you, and freak out.

Luckily she made it to the slide and slid down, panting and probably scarred for life. Haha no, I’m kidding … I hope.

I don’t know if it was my fault for taking them to a park that was more like a cross fit fortress with freakishly high slides and a playing difficulty level of a solid 8/10. Sorry kids lol! Mum of the year haha

I always feel like when you go to a park there is a mix between grandparents who have done this before, and know that park trips are the smart choice when entertaining the grandkids. The overly involved parents who climb the fort with their kids and watch their every move (usually this is me, well i’d like to think it is). Then there was me … the lazy mum sitting in the corner of the playground, like

Taking photos of my feet

After that I decided to take them somewhere Mefi and I have been wanting to take them for like a year. Donut King … The restaurant one not just a stall at the shops lol.

The inside was so cool, why weren’t these around when I was a kid?

Sorry to the kid I accidentally caught in the photo, I hope your mum isn’t on here haha (I’m not a creep I swear)

We got donut sundaes, which as you can see by the way Egypt eats, is why we always have issues with stained clothes lol

Then they played again in the playground at donut king. You know just to really wear them out haha.

Muziq really is a star. Haha she sings literally day and night!

After playing in the playground I took the girls home for a bit before we had to pick up Mefi from work… They were not so cooperative about going home… Like booorrrrriiinnnng I know but get in the damn car haha.

Anyway, after we picked up Mefi from work and listened to both Muziqs and Egypts story about how their day was and how amazing I was haha, obviously.

Mefi asked Egypt what she wanted to eat and she (although refused food all day with me) yelled “Donald” “bunkek” (pancakes lol) so clearly … We had to go to McDonalds

If you are wondering why Muziq is wearing a hi-vis shirt (or you just noticed lol) she had an ‘accident’ at McDonalds after I just took out the spare clothes from the car and so she pooped everywhere (she’s toilet trained but had a sore tummy) so she was naked underneath, poor thing. (Definition of mum life right there, unexpected shit explosions rocking your world and your day haha)

Moving on… Haha

We definitely had to take the chance to create our own burgers. Mine was awful, most likely my fault … I’m not destined to be a burger creator, damn. Lol

This is exactly why you give them a full day of activities. Silent car rides, with no fighting, trying to break the door handle, no tantrums, no yelling to turn the radio up/down or my favourite… To replay the last song that was on the radio, like girl I CAN NOT it is the radio it doesn’t work like that I’m sorry.

Nanna’s day YAYYYYYY haha im kidding I love having my kids around, but it was their day for their weekly visit to nanna’s house. Honestly, they get so excited about going there, they ask to go back all week lol.

Sorry im probably not that fun. Or… My mum is one of those grandparents I spoke about earlier that just know what entertains them, so really she’s cheating ha ha ha.

I hope you girls have had the best day and I have been able to create some meaningful memories that will last you a lifetime. I love you both to the ends of the earth and more.

Happy Birthday my Egypt

Love Mummy




Today, I find myself balling my eyes out in silence and in private while my kids are at their weekly visit at nanna’s house and my husband is watching the football with his family.

I’m not balling my eyes out because I’m lonely, and no one has done anything for me to be upset. Tonight I just had time to reflect and I just feel a bit lost.

Lost in all the daily routines. Lost in whether I have been cutting it as a mum. Worried about how my kids were today while I was at work.
Worried about putting in the continuous effort to make sure my husband feels loved even though I’m tired, sore, mentally exhausted and just remembered I haven’t showered yet (something which used to be a luxury is now a chore, frankly its no longer relaxing and classified as alone time. My shower now consists of three bodies in a pea sized cubicle, squeezing shampoo on the floor, flicking water, opening the shower door to flood the bathroom floor, multiple attempts to wash knotty hair filled with vicks chest rub and yelling the same instructions 10000 times. I then turn up the heat and have a 2 minute necessity wash while my husband wrangles the kids out of the shower and wraps them in a towel like a straight jacket (clearly a dad tactic to keep all movements and unnecessary work to a minimum). Reluctantly I crawl out of the shower to help battle dressing the two picky children with my husband … Not so relaxing anymore)

I find myself torn between striving for a better life, but loving my family the way they are in the moment.
Wait… Did the kids eat today? Was it nutritious?

This is what a mum gets carried away with everyday and doesn’t get time to really sit and think.

(FYI yes they did eat)

Yes dads do it too, I don’t underestimate the power of the dad at all. The feeling of safety and warmth that comes from a dad is irreplaceable.

But… Being a mum can suck. You change every part about yourself to provide for this little alien that came out of your hoohaa and it gets exhausting. You never really switch off as a mum. I honestly feel like I don’t sleep anymore because I’m constantly listening out for ‘issues’ like what the actual fuck?

Some days you feel very underappreciated and those days can be shitty. The days where everything closes in on you. The kids decided they’d be extra cheeky and break extra things, outside of the day to day norm. You have people asking why your child is crying (because a child cries, really do I need to write you a mathematic formula or Pythagoras theorem on crying children, it bloody happens)
Or when your husband will take every chance he can to ‘duck out’ and you’re just counting down the seconds until its bedtime. Where, remember, you then don’t sleep because you’re still on alert…

The days you’ve asked, for the seventh week in a row, for your husband to vacuum a certain spot in the house while you’re not there, but continue to see it not done. I honestly will leave whatever it is that is not my job there for weeks just so I can prove a point.

Look at this, I SPECIFICALLY asked you to do this for several weeks!

Really accentuating the ‘specifically’ and ‘several weeks’ because honestly what man/boy/guy everrrrrrr does anything the first time, or even the 23rd time you have asked them? None? Yeah I know.

But although no one ever remembers the anniversaries, or important milestones, dates, events, appointments, or how to look after themselves, being a mum is so very rewarding. I created (with the help of my husbands swimmers ha ha ha thanks love) two beautiful, funny children. I am proud.

All you mummy’s, being a mum is hard. Pat yourself on the back from time to time, because, well who else will?

Husbands/Partners do something nice for your other half. It is the small things that count! Being on time for a date, remembering a certain thing that is important to them. Making the kids a meal. Bathing the children without a fight. Hugging your partner, just because.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Thanks for reading a day in the life of a mums head or otherwise known as ‘mum life’.

As always
Like, comment and share.

Love from mine to yours
C x



Hay guys just wanted to do up a new post today to all those people who have been following me since the day I started blogging, who have also taken inspiration from me writing a blog. I am actually taking full credit for everyone who started a blog after me on my Facebook friends list, just saying haha, like no biggie I know i’m a trendsetter (lol kidding get it girl, work that blog).


My post today isn’t of the same content as usual, so if this is of no interest to you and you want something a bit more light hearted and funny, I would recommend reading some of my other posts like Kings and Queens or the one post that is literally my life Samoan Life, Aussie Wife. If you are wanting to know what it is like to be a blogger and what to do vs what not to do, then keep reading.


I wanted to actually address, for those contemplating writing a blog, whether it is for you or not.

Now don’t get me wrong i’m all for reading about how you tied your shoe lace twice today, or how you fell down the stairs… actually if you have a post about falling down the stairs or even a story about it (not a tragic one, like a humerous one) I wanna hear it, comment below or tag me in it.

On that note I feel I should share some tips / ideas with you about blogging so it can really paint a good picture of the behind the scenes of blogging (because I am such a professional haha) so you can decide if it is for you or not.

  1. Knowledge is Key


First, and foremost, please at least like what you are doing (writing for e.g) and have some basic knowledge of how to write. I get that a blog is a place for you to freely express yourself, but nobody wants to decipher your morse code. It’s like reading a note from your husband but can’t quite make out what he is saying so you don’t know whether to be excited, sexually aroused or mad… so you choose mad, every time haha. (lol, sorry husbands’ handwriting is usually bad, actually men in general sorry)

When this happens it’s like when you have a super funny joke, but someone doesn’t get it, then you have to explain it until it is no longer remotely funny. YEAH fun times.


You have to portray your passion through your writing while also making sure its easily read.

2. Create content


Some people get carried away with this and post like everyday of the week. Firstly, people will get bored and probably wont read it everyday. So really you’re wasting your content.

Secondly, you will wear yourself thin regarding what to write about. It is not like a YoutTube channel where you can document things on video that would be boring in writing… just sayin

In saying that though, I am trying to get you to understand that although you may pump out seven posts in a day maybe spread them out over the next few weeks so you’re always ahead and have something to post. I have made this mistake (rookie error lol) it really is hard to bounce back from a post that grabs everyone’s attention, when you got rid of all your content in that one post .


But, have a schedule of how many times per week you would like to post. If you are doing it once a month, you’re probably not going to find much growth within your blog and fans will die out quite quick, because there is no engagement or something keeping them there. You can’t build a relationship on selfish terms. They want content, you want readers.

3. Have a chat, love.

Do not act extremely formal when you are writing a blog post. People are naturally nosey and want to escape or divulge in your life, even if it is momentarily. Don’t get fooled, I said write well not act well.

Don’t lie though. Eventually people will find out when you’re talking shit, it’s harder to maintain a lie.

Just converse with your audience and be original. There will be people who like you, hate you, love you, wanna be like you or probably wanna kill you, But if you be fake you have no chance of getting people to love your work.

It pays to be humorous too.


4. Make it visual

People like to watch (this sounds sexual with a hint of creepy, but… hay, it is what it is) people won’t turn away if something is really visually stimulating. I try to add as many visual aspects into my blog posts as possible to make sure you understand the context of my content. If that makes sense? although they may not be all original photos of mine I would rather have a picture that is relevant to the content then have something that doesn’t flow. A lot of people will upload a picture of a necklace and talk about a book they bought. The f*** you doing? that’s just weird and confuses people.


5. It is Not a Novel


Before I start this paragraph, yes some of my posts can be quite long. But, do not write something that is just a bulk of writing with no paragraphs, spacing, etc. If you want to do that, create an e-book and sell the shit out of it (which I will be writing a post on how to create one soon), But don’t blog it.

Anyway, I also thought for those wanting to start a blog or are stumped for ideas, I would like to share a list of things you can write about on your own blog.

which leads me to my next point…

6. List of post ideas

Having a list of things to write about really helps when you have no idea what to write about. Every blogger has a dry day or week, or maybe month. But, having a list prepared helps to snap you out of this. You are human don’t beat yourself up if you’re going through some stuff. But, your fans will probably want to know all about it (as I said everyone is naturally nosey), so blog about it. Its also therapeutic for the blogger to get out their view of their own life events.


Anyway… back to the point I have put together a list for you guys that can either spark ideas to start a blog with or help you brainstorm for your next post.


  • Write reviews on movies, books, cafe’s, restaurants, recipes
  • Recipes for at home takeaway, baked goods, sushi (because no-one can make that shit, well maybe just me…)
  • Write about hobbies or interests
  • Get involved in the WordPress or other blogging sites blogoftheday prompts which help inspire you with ideas just as I am doing now
  • Write a biography about yourself
  • Do a post on popular trends
  • Makeup or hair looks
  • Fashion basics pr colour trends
  • Family days out
  • A international event like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Donut day (it does exist)
  • How to write a business plan
  • Take people on a fitness journey
  • How to build a business step by step
  • Study tips
  • Uni Hacks
  • Life Hacks
  • How to live on a budget
  • Event Planning
  • A day in the life post (people love this, they literally just follow you on a post about the simple things you do in a day)
  • Religious or Political views (get ready for some heavy kind of hate fire with this though, it is funny and you get super passionate about it and really divulge into the topic. Everyone literally gets their panties in a knot)
  • Review cars, public transport
  • Tell funny stories
  • Tell prank stories

There are so many ideas out there, its just about how you interpret them and what your blog is based around. Some people prefer short and sweet posts like one recipe, and some prefer longer story based posts like a day in the life kind of thing. It’s up to you.

By this point you’re probably like I can do a blog, or some may even say it is EASY.

Well to an extent yes it is pretty easy, you get to talk about yourself and everything you do and people read it. But…

7. You have to put in work


It may be a hobby, but, it is also a job! Blogging is not just anything you decide to regurgitate from the internet onto your own page for exposure. You actually have to write your content, so it takes time. If you are considering becoming a blogger, you have to know that you need to set aside an appointed amount of time per week to solely focus on the content of your blog. Otherwise, you will live life and forget that you had a blog and become rusty, and really just get continuous brain farts where you can not for the life of you think of anything to talk about. (THIS IS ME)


So, I really need to pull my head out of my ass (such a stupid term, but actually funny to imagine) and get on with creating my content.


(pun intended)

If you were wanting to create a blog and are not sure where to start, I recommend (only because I am using it) WordPress. I haven’t had any issues with WordPress thus far and everything is straight forward and prepared for you. It makes life that little bit easier.


I haven’t had any eye twitching moments, from slow response rates or bad layout options or anything. Everything is how it is supposed to be, Its Good!

Anyway, these are my main tips for anyone thinking whether to become a blogger or not. You need to weigh up the pro’s and con’s as you do with anything you do in life. I think a blog can work for anyone, but its a case of if you are willing to actually invest time into it to build it. Otherwise it will always just be an online ‘Dear Diary’.

As always comment below and leave me some feedback, I would love to hear your opinions. like, share and subscribe to my blog, Facebook or Instagram for updates on new topics and just pure amazingness. (I’m Like third cousins, twice removed from the Kardashians so I am a fun person… Just kidding that was bullshit lol)

Happy Blogging! Love me and mine




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Hay y’all,
Happy Straya (Australia) Day to my fellow Aussies (yes we are lazy and have cut down ‘Australia’ to our native bogan slang ‘straya’ … don’t judge haha)


I have literally been gone forever. Don’t worry I’m planning on posting a lot more this year.
Exciting news firstly, I have now got a job. It’s one day a week (I’m super excited to have adult conversation once a week without interruption or a nappy needing to be changed) and so far I am loving it! Yay
*Snaps for me * (legally blonde reference)


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But, getting down to business


(Source: courtesy of my husband, doesn’t he have the face of an angel haha)

As some of you may know I had my gallbladder removed (info here) in August, which, amongst other things, has put toll on other areas in my life. This meant blogging was put on hold for a bit.
Anyway… today I thought I would bring to you (as promised) my journey so far with post surgery fitness.

It’s been shit! Lol




I have gained more weight than I have ever gained in my entire life, including pregnancy! It’s ridiculous lol. Because frankly, who doesn’t love shitty food? Some of the best tasting meals and snacks come from fast food restaurants… and let’s face it, who makes friends with salad?

Apparently, EVERYBODY!!! It’s 2016 not 1990, everybody wants a salad and obviously I missed that damn memo, or maybe I ate it with my McNuggets and a side of sweet and sour sauce.


(Source: #teamskinnyyou)

If you don’t know, now you knowwww …


(Source: unknown)

Lol but seriously it’s uber depressing considering I have been going to the gym more regularly and have been gaining weight steadily for the past two months or so and now I am a frumpy mess and 11kg heavier.


But not to worry I am setting out to find the best food and exercise to work it off. If you all want you can come along on the journey, there maybe some sort of medical/mental/emotional/physical issues that are in your way that you could share and we could support each other! If not all good! But I wish you all luck with your lifestyle/ fitness journeys and I’ll check back in with this each fortnight with things I have tried whether they worked or not.

Thanks for tuning in guys (lol tuning in sounded a bit stupid but eh you get me)
Let me know if you want hear about more fitness related topics in the comment section xo.

Love you, love me.


K H A K I . K I L L A


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Hay girl hay…
I feel as though every time I do a new blog I’m running late, haha sorry! I honestly have so much going on, physically, mentally and emotionally… oh and financially ugh! #firstworldproblems, that I haven’t been able to be as consistent as I would like so forgive me y’all lol.


(Source: Daily Mail)

Anyway, I’m back with a brand new track… lol khaki killa!


(Source: Style Stalker, check out their article here)

I’m going to keep my fashion tips and general fashion posts short and sweet, because frankly who cares about 10 pages explaining why “it’s so hot right now” when all you need to know is “it’s so hot right now” hahaha


(Source: Reddit, courtesy of Meme Generator)

So, Let me just straighten something out …

Khaki is the new NUDE!
Olive green is the new spin on khaki green, which is the new NUDE. #minfuck?.


(Source: Meme Generator)

No, but seriously it’s the shit, go invest in some nice khaki/Olive staples, you’ll thank me later, or now..? Up to you…

But… yes I acknowledge khaki has been ‘in’ for some time, it’s more about the move from khaki as a neutral to olive green as the new khaki, it’s fresh. Check out this article from The Inside Out Style blogger, for more in depth look into the colours. It’s on another level!

I’ll leave you with some examples, because, well, pictures speak louder than words.

Happy shopping x
Love you, love mine.


(Source: Carli Bybel. Check out her khaki article here, she can do no wrong)


(Source: @PaigeCamillia)


(Source: My Peep Toes check it out here)


(Source: Soletopia)


(Source: Fashion Clue)


(Source: Necklace Lover)


(Source: ELLE France)


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(Source: Dopest Manicures)


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Kings and Queens


Hay guys, so today I just wanted to address some stuff I’ve been seeing online lately. How a wife/husband should be/act, toward the other party. Now I’m all for emotional expression, but some of this shit I feel is just common sense, however each party keeps trying to make the other a slave so they can look like they’re either in charge, or because honestly they can not be bothered putting in the effort for the other person.
If you are at that point, and can’t be bothered to fix what is not working, WALK AWAY!

There’s nothing shittier than a shit partner. Anyway…
My story started with me reading some stuff about appreciating your husband’s for the work they do and cutting them some slack. It made me emotional. Then my sister in law (hay girl, hay) tagged me in this Facebook post about a mother writing her husband a letter about what she does with the kids all day, because he complains when he comes home. So because it was so accurate, I gave it to Mefi to read… such a very wrong thing to do …
Agenda for today… ARGUING. He reckons it was all about women complaining. Phew… thought I had a romantic on my hands for sec there …


So let me break this down. Now I’m not saying I am a relationship expert but, I’d definitely say that avoiding a stale relationship is something we should all have an interest in.
Whether you have walked away, planning to, in a fantastic relationship or either party would catch a grenadeee for yaaa (see what I did there? Haha) this relates to you.
Relationships make the world go round!

1. Don’t lie
Why you fkn lyyyyyin? Mmmm oh mmmai gad. Honestly, why are you with someone if all you do is lie? Like how would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot. It’s f***ed up. That’s not a relationship, that’s babysitting your stupid ass. Damn 5 year old.

Yes you! Honestly do I need to explain? If you want a slow, painful death (I mean relationship, no I don’t) then go ahead and do you. Keep in mind this will haunt your partner for the rest of their lives wondering if they should have left your ass for being a dick. This includes girls too, if your being a slut and you actually have a loyal man at home, you’re a bitch! No body likes an asshole.

Which brings me to my next point…

3. Nobody likes an asshole!
NOBODY! why can’t you just be nice? If this person is your pride and joy, don’t treat them differently based on where you are, who you’re with etc.
Now for all of you out there like me and my husband, who take shit out on each other, I love you haha, not because it is the right thing to do but, because the struggle is real! But I encourage you to take it easy on one another, because this ruins your relationship more than anything else. Knowing when to adjust your mood is a blessing. Just be nice, its doesn’t cost anything and it’s better for your health.

4. Use your damn manners!
Farrrout if I collected a coin for every time someone was rude and/or didn’t use their manners, I’d be a millionaire. Obviously I haven’t done this, so no, I’m not a millionaire. But… It’s like one or two words, your not gonna die, just say please and thank you. Appreciated people do more for you, it’s a fact!
Thank you for dinner
Thank you for lunch
Thank you for washing the stains out my undies? Haha

I’d wash them again if you said thank you hahaha


5. Be a team, and on the same side.
Work together, I am a big advocate for equality in a relationship. Yes your husband works all day, yes we watch the kids all day, or vice versa, or maybe a different scenario altogether. We both wanna watch tv with our feet up and forget about the rotting rubbish, the overgrown lawn, the dirty dishes, the basket of unfolded washing etc. I get it, honestly I do. My husband would probably say I am the laziest person he has met, I’d say the same about him. Haha it’s a love / hate relationship! Make it fun, work as a team. If you see your husband or wife (or partner, sibling etc) struggling with something, can’t you just help? No ifs, no buts. If I’m wrangling two children while trying to pick up after all four of us and making you a sandwich, you could at least help me with one of them right? It’s about being a team. You wouldn’t wanna be on someone’s team who’s a crap player, right?
I said player, not Playa! Alright guys don’t get it twisted Haha


6. Get romantic
What the hell is so wrong with spontaneous romantic gestures? Like I don’t mean all the time, girls do like a guy to be a bit bad some of the time but… I don’t know spoil your partner (girl or guy) at least a few times a year. Would flowers sent out to them just for being them, honestly hurt you so much, or make you look so weak it’s unbearable? No! It would probably get you some ass though! Haha sorry but it’s true. Just pay some damn attention to what you’ve got. If you haven’t done this, please do. You will thank me for it.
Remember appreciated people do more for you. (Whatcha gon do wit dat dessert?)


All these things go both ways, you appreciate your man, he’s going to excel at what he does because his home is a positive sanctuary. Men, don’t get too content in thinking you’re all your woman needs, women need reminders, some days we feel ugly, some sad, some happy, it’s just us, work with it and deal with it. Encourage us, we are a reflection of you, treat us right, you’ll never have anything to worry about!

Don’t be a slave to one another and do what the other one says. It’s teamwork! You need team work to make the dream work.

Hope you enjoyed stopping by, as much as I enjoyed having you.

Until next time. You stay classy San Diego haha

C x


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