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Hay y’all,
Happy Straya (Australia) Day to my fellow Aussies (yes we are lazy and have cut down ‘Australia’ to our native bogan slang ‘straya’ … don’t judge haha)


I have literally been gone forever. Don’t worry I’m planning on posting a lot more this year.
Exciting news firstly, I have now got a job. It’s one day a week (I’m super excited to have adult conversation once a week without interruption or a nappy needing to be changed) and so far I am loving it! Yay
*Snaps for me * (legally blonde reference)


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But, getting down to business


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As some of you may know I had my gallbladder removed (info here) in August, which, amongst other things, has put toll on other areas in my life. This meant blogging was put on hold for a bit.
Anyway… today I thought I would bring to you (as promised) my journey so far with post surgery fitness.

It’s been shit! Lol




I have gained more weight than I have ever gained in my entire life, including pregnancy! It’s ridiculous lol. Because frankly, who doesn’t love shitty food? Some of the best tasting meals and snacks come from fast food restaurants… and let’s face it, who makes friends with salad?

Apparently, EVERYBODY!!! It’s 2016 not 1990, everybody wants a salad and obviously I missed that damn memo, or maybe I ate it with my McNuggets and a side of sweet and sour sauce.


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If you don’t know, now you knowwww …


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Lol but seriously it’s uber depressing considering I have been going to the gym more regularly and have been gaining weight steadily for the past two months or so and now I am a frumpy mess and 11kg heavier.


But not to worry I am setting out to find the best food and exercise to work it off. If you all want you can come along on the journey, there maybe some sort of medical/mental/emotional/physical issues that are in your way that you could share and we could support each other! If not all good! But I wish you all luck with your lifestyle/ fitness journeys and I’ll check back in with this each fortnight with things I have tried whether they worked or not.

Thanks for tuning in guys (lol tuning in sounded a bit stupid but eh you get me)
Let me know if you want hear about more fitness related topics in the comment section xo.

Love you, love me.


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