Hay guys just wanted to do up a new post today to all those people who have been following me since the day I started blogging, who have also taken inspiration from me writing a blog. I am actually taking full credit for everyone who started a blog after me on my Facebook friends list, just saying haha, like no biggie I know i’m a trendsetter (lol kidding get it girl, work that blog).


My post today isn’t of the same content as usual, so if this is of no interest to you and you want something a bit more light hearted and funny, I would recommend reading some of my other posts like Kings and Queens or the one post that is literally my life Samoan Life, Aussie Wife. If you are wanting to know what it is like to be a blogger and what to do vs what not to do, then keep reading.


I wanted to actually address, for those contemplating writing a blog, whether it is for you or not.

Now don’t get me wrong i’m all for reading about how you tied your shoe lace twice today, or how you fell down the stairs… actually if you have a post about falling down the stairs or even a story about it (not a tragic one, like a humerous one) I wanna hear it, comment below or tag me in it.

On that note I feel I should share some tips / ideas with you about blogging so it can really paint a good picture of the behind the scenes of blogging (because I am such a professional haha) so you can decide if it is for you or not.

  1. Knowledge is Key


First, and foremost, please at least like what you are doing (writing for e.g) and have some basic knowledge of how to write. I get that a blog is a place for you to freely express yourself, but nobody wants to decipher your morse code. It’s like reading a note from your husband but can’t quite make out what he is saying so you don’t know whether to be excited, sexually aroused or mad… so you choose mad, every time haha. (lol, sorry husbands’ handwriting is usually bad, actually men in general sorry)

When this happens it’s like when you have a super funny joke, but someone doesn’t get it, then you have to explain it until it is no longer remotely funny. YEAH fun times.


You have to portray your passion through your writing while also making sure its easily read.

2. Create content


Some people get carried away with this and post like everyday of the week. Firstly, people will get bored and probably wont read it everyday. So really you’re wasting your content.

Secondly, you will wear yourself thin regarding what to write about. It is not like a YoutTube channel where you can document things on video that would be boring in writing… just sayin

In saying that though, I am trying to get you to understand that although you may pump out seven posts in a day maybe spread them out over the next few weeks so you’re always ahead and have something to post. I have made this mistake (rookie error lol) it really is hard to bounce back from a post that grabs everyone’s attention, when you got rid of all your content in that one post .


But, have a schedule of how many times per week you would like to post. If you are doing it once a month, you’re probably not going to find much growth within your blog and fans will die out quite quick, because there is no engagement or something keeping them there. You can’t build a relationship on selfish terms. They want content, you want readers.

3. Have a chat, love.

Do not act extremely formal when you are writing a blog post. People are naturally nosey and want to escape or divulge in your life, even if it is momentarily. Don’t get fooled, I said write well not act well.

Don’t lie though. Eventually people will find out when you’re talking shit, it’s harder to maintain a lie.

Just converse with your audience and be original. There will be people who like you, hate you, love you, wanna be like you or probably wanna kill you, But if you be fake you have no chance of getting people to love your work.

It pays to be humorous too.


4. Make it visual

People like to watch (this sounds sexual with a hint of creepy, but… hay, it is what it is) people won’t turn away if something is really visually stimulating. I try to add as many visual aspects into my blog posts as possible to make sure you understand the context of my content. If that makes sense? although they may not be all original photos of mine I would rather have a picture that is relevant to the content then have something that doesn’t flow. A lot of people will upload a picture of a necklace and talk about a book they bought. The f*** you doing? that’s just weird and confuses people.


5. It is Not a Novel


Before I start this paragraph, yes some of my posts can be quite long. But, do not write something that is just a bulk of writing with no paragraphs, spacing, etc. If you want to do that, create an e-book and sell the shit out of it (which I will be writing a post on how to create one soon), But don’t blog it.

Anyway, I also thought for those wanting to start a blog or are stumped for ideas, I would like to share a list of things you can write about on your own blog.

which leads me to my next point…

6. List of post ideas

Having a list of things to write about really helps when you have no idea what to write about. Every blogger has a dry day or week, or maybe month. But, having a list prepared helps to snap you out of this. You are human don’t beat yourself up if you’re going through some stuff. But, your fans will probably want to know all about it (as I said everyone is naturally nosey), so blog about it. Its also therapeutic for the blogger to get out their view of their own life events.


Anyway… back to the point I have put together a list for you guys that can either spark ideas to start a blog with or help you brainstorm for your next post.


  • Write reviews on movies, books, cafe’s, restaurants, recipes
  • Recipes for at home takeaway, baked goods, sushi (because no-one can make that shit, well maybe just me…)
  • Write about hobbies or interests
  • Get involved in the WordPress or other blogging sites blogoftheday prompts which help inspire you with ideas just as I am doing now
  • Write a biography about yourself
  • Do a post on popular trends
  • Makeup or hair looks
  • Fashion basics pr colour trends
  • Family days out
  • A international event like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Donut day (it does exist)
  • How to write a business plan
  • Take people on a fitness journey
  • How to build a business step by step
  • Study tips
  • Uni Hacks
  • Life Hacks
  • How to live on a budget
  • Event Planning
  • A day in the life post (people love this, they literally just follow you on a post about the simple things you do in a day)
  • Religious or Political views (get ready for some heavy kind of hate fire with this though, it is funny and you get super passionate about it and really divulge into the topic. Everyone literally gets their panties in a knot)
  • Review cars, public transport
  • Tell funny stories
  • Tell prank stories

There are so many ideas out there, its just about how you interpret them and what your blog is based around. Some people prefer short and sweet posts like one recipe, and some prefer longer story based posts like a day in the life kind of thing. It’s up to you.

By this point you’re probably like I can do a blog, or some may even say it is EASY.

Well to an extent yes it is pretty easy, you get to talk about yourself and everything you do and people read it. But…

7. You have to put in work


It may be a hobby, but, it is also a job! Blogging is not just anything you decide to regurgitate from the internet onto your own page for exposure. You actually have to write your content, so it takes time. If you are considering becoming a blogger, you have to know that you need to set aside an appointed amount of time per week to solely focus on the content of your blog. Otherwise, you will live life and forget that you had a blog and become rusty, and really just get continuous brain farts where you can not for the life of you think of anything to talk about. (THIS IS ME)


So, I really need to pull my head out of my ass (such a stupid term, but actually funny to imagine) and get on with creating my content.


(pun intended)

If you were wanting to create a blog and are not sure where to start, I recommend (only because I am using it) WordPress. I haven’t had any issues with WordPress thus far and everything is straight forward and prepared for you. It makes life that little bit easier.


I haven’t had any eye twitching moments, from slow response rates or bad layout options or anything. Everything is how it is supposed to be, Its Good!

Anyway, these are my main tips for anyone thinking whether to become a blogger or not. You need to weigh up the pro’s and con’s as you do with anything you do in life. I think a blog can work for anyone, but its a case of if you are willing to actually invest time into it to build it. Otherwise it will always just be an online ‘Dear Diary’.

As always comment below and leave me some feedback, I would love to hear your opinions. like, share and subscribe to my blog, Facebook or Instagram for updates on new topics and just pure amazingness. (I’m Like third cousins, twice removed from the Kardashians so I am a fun person… Just kidding that was bullshit lol)

Happy Blogging! Love me and mine


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I am a mum of three and wife to one. This is my blog that allows you to see into my life and all that goes on within it.

5 thoughts on “TO BLOG OR NOT TO BLOG

  1. Wow, you covered quite a bit. Have to digest it all and then go from there. I do like Word Press and am trying to learn the “instructions and outs” of how to use it. Hopefully it will all come together.
    Thanks for your insights about blogging. How did Arnold Swartzenegger say “I’LL be back!”


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