My baby is two today, where did the time go?

Well, Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. I hope you enjoy your day and never have to have a care in the world because your family have got you, always.

Today I just wanted to do a post about Egypt and how her birthday has gone.

It started with Egypt waking up with the most dirtiest face, shirt and amazing bed hair. I swear I do look after my kids but she went to sleep straight after devouring a bowl of Kopai (Samoan version of cocoa dumplings) so I wasn’t game enough to try and get her up to clean up.

Because she would have done this. Haha and I never would have heard the end of it.

And the only thing you can do is make this face… Like girl really? You’re gonna go there now? After everything I do for you? Haha

To think when you get older and sleeping is no longer an “achievement” you wish you could just nap all day. But, as a kid you’ll fight that shit like the plague. The fuck you mean sleep

After breakfast she re-opened the presents she found and opened last night, because they were “hers” and “it ma berdays” (it’s my birthday). She seemed to be just as blown away with them as much as she was last night so that was great. Phew!

The only thing she commented on was the bag it came in though haha “oh! Pretty berdays”

The one thing that takes the least amount of time and effort to find is what she likes lol.

Anyway, being the ‘cool mum’ that I am haha but really… I decided to take the girls to the park.

But I first, had to make sure I had my trusty re-heated coffee in hand. Because frankly, waking up at 5:30 this morning to drop my husband off just wasn’t sitting well with this morning hater haha.

I ended up finding a little tucked away park in the New Port area that had a little cafe/Barista attached to it, which was obviously so much cooler than a regular park

Muziq decided to be a cool guy and get stuck at the top of the playground *forehead slap* like really? Why were you so confident climbing up the ladder then get to the top, where I can’t help you, and freak out.

Luckily she made it to the slide and slid down, panting and probably scarred for life. Haha no, I’m kidding … I hope.

I don’t know if it was my fault for taking them to a park that was more like a cross fit fortress with freakishly high slides and a playing difficulty level of a solid 8/10. Sorry kids lol! Mum of the year haha

I always feel like when you go to a park there is a mix between grandparents who have done this before, and know that park trips are the smart choice when entertaining the grandkids. The overly involved parents who climb the fort with their kids and watch their every move (usually this is me, well i’d like to think it is). Then there was me … the lazy mum sitting in the corner of the playground, like

Taking photos of my feet

After that I decided to take them somewhere Mefi and I have been wanting to take them for like a year. Donut King … The restaurant one not just a stall at the shops lol.

The inside was so cool, why weren’t these around when I was a kid?

Sorry to the kid I accidentally caught in the photo, I hope your mum isn’t on here haha (I’m not a creep I swear)

We got donut sundaes, which as you can see by the way Egypt eats, is why we always have issues with stained clothes lol

Then they played again in the playground at donut king. You know just to really wear them out haha.

Muziq really is a star. Haha she sings literally day and night!

After playing in the playground I took the girls home for a bit before we had to pick up Mefi from work… They were not so cooperative about going home… Like booorrrrriiinnnng I know but get in the damn car haha.

Anyway, after we picked up Mefi from work and listened to both Muziqs and Egypts story about how their day was and how amazing I was haha, obviously.

Mefi asked Egypt what she wanted to eat and she (although refused food all day with me) yelled “Donald” “bunkek” (pancakes lol) so clearly … We had to go to McDonalds

If you are wondering why Muziq is wearing a hi-vis shirt (or you just noticed lol) she had an ‘accident’ at McDonalds after I just took out the spare clothes from the car and so she pooped everywhere (she’s toilet trained but had a sore tummy) so she was naked underneath, poor thing. (Definition of mum life right there, unexpected shit explosions rocking your world and your day haha)

Moving on… Haha

We definitely had to take the chance to create our own burgers. Mine was awful, most likely my fault … I’m not destined to be a burger creator, damn. Lol

This is exactly why you give them a full day of activities. Silent car rides, with no fighting, trying to break the door handle, no tantrums, no yelling to turn the radio up/down or my favourite… To replay the last song that was on the radio, like girl I CAN NOT it is the radio it doesn’t work like that I’m sorry.

Nanna’s day YAYYYYYY haha im kidding I love having my kids around, but it was their day for their weekly visit to nanna’s house. Honestly, they get so excited about going there, they ask to go back all week lol.

Sorry im probably not that fun. Or… My mum is one of those grandparents I spoke about earlier that just know what entertains them, so really she’s cheating ha ha ha.

I hope you girls have had the best day and I have been able to create some meaningful memories that will last you a lifetime. I love you both to the ends of the earth and more.

Happy Birthday my Egypt

Love Mummy


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