What happened to me?

Hay Guys, this has got to be the most awkward feeling I have had writing in a very long time! Because… I actually haven’t written in a very long time. Truth be told, I hit a brick wall with my writing. I sort of lost interest, not because I didn’t love writing my blogs, I think it was more putting pressure on myself and because my time was more limited (having our third child) and I felt like I had no stories to offer anyone anymore.

It’s not true! Everyone has a story to tell. You too, could start blogging today and write something that you may think is mundane but may be intriguing to others. You could document your daily feelings and pretend it is like a diary (people are naturally super nosey even when they try not to be, so, juicy diary like writing intrigues people, they feel like they’re picking your brain without actually having to be social with you haha)

For example:

Dear diary,

I am friggen pissed, my car broke down.

On another note the RACQ guy is hot… Don’t tell my boyfriend

Obviously this is hypothetical 😬 awkwarddddddd…..

“X O X O gossip girl” hahaha kidding

On serious note though, people will read it because, they either wanna know what happened to the car or… How hot on a scale of 1-10 the RACQ guy is 😂

Document how your wedding planning is going, how you created that business, how you deal with that child, how frustrated you were today, what place you ate at for the 100th time this week, how you’re feeling about your new home, starting that new job, recipes for homemade toilet cleaner (for real though if you know of any, let me know, I have an inspection coming up and I need everything to shine bright like a diamond) or what the hell kind of coffee you order everyday! You can write about anything!

My headspace has not been focused enough for writing, well that’s what I thought anyway. But, today I thought to myself, why? Why am I not writing? I’m looking for an outlet for all my thoughts and emotions and life in general and my blog has been here the whole time.

Like, you know on days where your kids are being horrid and your husband has ignored your important stories and doesn’t realise you have repeated them 5 times already to see if he’s actually listening… He’s not! Thanks Mef 🙄

The reason I started my blog in the first place was because I was mentally in need of an escape. I wasn’t enjoying my life at that point in time and found peace in writing about funny, frustrating moments and things I was grateful for (my children and my marriage)

Anyway, I’m kind of writing this post to let you guys know that I’m still here and have goals to continue writing this year, but also to let the people who keep messaging me about how they can too start a blog, to just START!

But, nothing comes overnight, you can’t fake a story and you can’t fake HARD WORK! Anyone can be a blogger but it takes commitment.

Anyway that’s all for now, do something today that you have always wanted to do.

As always, love from mine to yours,

Carmen x

Published by Twogifted

I am a mum of three and wife to one. This is my blog that allows you to see into my life and all that goes on within it.

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