Perfect Christians?

Hay guys, before I start on my post today I just want to point out that this is some light hearted fun, that hopefully all of you can relate to. Don’t take this too personally, none of us are perfect Christians!

Ok, moving on. Recently I have found myself laughing to myself about all the silly things kids (or adults) do during prayer meetings.

Just let that sink in for a minute…
Now STOP … hammer time (see how easily distracted you are haha)


(This made me laugh, but it’s pretty damn rude haha source: Distractify)

Now for me this relates more with my Samoan side than my Aussie side, but I could be wrong and us Aussies probably do it too (shame on you haha)

Let see if you can relate to these people.

This is the person who comes to pray but, instead falls asleep while everyone is giving praise and starts yelling out random s***, trying to act like they’re getting their praise on. Haha my husband has done this multiple times. His last one instead of saying “yes Jesus, Amen!” He said “Yeh Jesus Man” with a slurred voice. Trying not to laugh at people who do this is almost impossible.


I personally love the ones that shout out “AMEN” when someone wakes them after the prayer meeting is finished haha. They get the look, like why the hell you sleeping through MY prayer meeting? I’m about to bust a cap!


(Source: No Way Girl)

Alright, this is probably the funniest of them all. This is the person that uses prayer to get back at someone. For eg if your parents have told you off and you can’t defend yourself at the time, because your ‘back chatting’. This was your time to shine haha.
You get the…
Father, forgive those WHO persecute or ACCUSE others, for THEY do NOT know of their wrongdoing. Really emphasising those key words and raising their voices to sound like they’re getting into their prayer, but really they’re trying to get back at someone. Everyone is just like “mhmmm, AMEN!!!” “I feel the holy ghost fire”. Don’t lie guys we’ve all been there, whether it was purposefully or subconsciously. Especially if you get a lecture right before a prayer meeting and your like cussing them out in your head, you know ‘real thug’ like, your hearts racing and your blood boiling then BAM! Prayer meeting haha Lord give me strength…


(Source: India Times)

This is usually the younger ones who will find any excuse to not be at or involved in the prayer meeting. The excuses range from, offering to look after your children, to playing games (trying not to get caught), to beating one another up or pretending to go to the toilet the entire time. It’s boring for kids I get it! But, These kids become chefs when prayer meeting starts, thinking off all the recipes they can make. Because monitoring the food is way more important. You burn that rice, you better hope you prayed while cooking because you’re about to make an early apperance to heaven. Haha


(Source: Tallageda Nights)

OK… This is the person that without a doubt whether or not everyone’s eyes are closed or not, has there’s open, and stares at everyone throughout the meeting. Now I don’t mean like just glancing across at you as you start your prayer I mean like creepily staring like you’ve got food that you won’t share. Especially when it’s a kid (this is mean but…) you want to punt them.


(Source: Anchorman )

Now, just to clear things up, if I have done this I’M SORRY OK. Haha I’m one of those people with (unintentional) staring problems. Not in prayer meeting but in general. I hate it but I can’t help it, yes I have staring problems. No, I don’t want to fight you lmfao. No, you can not fix my eyes. Lol I honestly day dream a lot, and don’t realise I’m looking at you, because honestly, I’m not! I don’t even see you when I’m day dreaming. Not my fault I’m a smart person haha.

Simply, the person who organises prayer meetings at the weirdest times. 11pm (ok), 12:31am (um?), 1am (really?), 2:45am (alright wait… what?)
It can be painful, but I have heard churches who have mass at 3am, so obviously this is normal and I am the weird person who likes sleep.

This is the person who even though they may have been asked for a ‘simple’ prayer… take about 3 hours to conclude their prayers. I feel like shaking these people sometimes. Which is horrible but… that s*** Cray!
These people are thankful for so many things that a mozzie bite is a blessing.

I came across two funny as videos about this
Watch it here


And here (thanks to my girl LekaTime, she’s hilarious like her page and follow her honestly so funny)

Don’t get me wrong, I think its most definitely necessary to pray but, I think in your own time as its your own journey with God, and within a reasonable amount of time. Like, if you pray on your own and you go for a few hours, awesome that is friggen amazing. But I feel as though this is rude when you’re praying as a group. There has got to be some prayer group etiquette right?  It’s starts to get a little selfish when everyone wants their turn and this guy over here just prayed for the entire world’s people (individually) in his own prayer… like damn, this guy really do have 99 problems and his b**** IS one, and he listed mine for me too.

It catches you off guard, people start sleeping, beating others up, taking intermission breaks, getting annoyed (about to be a Revenge pray-er real quick!) And the guy still hasn’t finished.


(Source: Reddit)

I can’t be the only one who has come a cross one of these people haha, it’s a love/hate relationship.

(Disclaimer: I pray, I love praying and church, this is not meant to sound like I’m perfect. I’m not! It’s just funny people I have come across)

Thanks for tuning in again and reading.
Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment below if you have any other types of pray-ers that you have come across that have made you giggle.

Love from mine to yours,


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