Jeans – At ANY Size

Anyone elses husband hate jeans? just mine? OK great

For some absolutely bizarre reason, my husband actually hates women (and most men for that matter) wearing jeans.

I think it is because most people wear them in an unflattering way… but, I am here to prove a point. You can wear jeans at ANY size, as long as you know how to wear them.

I am one of those people who find it extremely difficult to wear jeans because of my body shape. Just so we’re on the same page, to be completely honest my body shape is like a donut and jeans just DONUT (see what I did there) let you breathe hahaha.

Ok moving on…Women don’t despair, help is on its way.

I am just going to make this as graphic as possible for everyone so you can get an idea from photos rather than me rambling on about it in 500 words.

When wearing light blue jeans you wanna stay with the same colour groups, so pastels, whites, clean colours. If you wear light coloured jeans with contradicting colours it can be a bit difficult for it to complement your shape.

Photo from:

As you can see Made Well teamed the light blue denim with a similar coloured pinstripe shirt and sand coloured shoes. The browns and whites compliement the light colour of the denim and create the feel of a relaxed outfit.

The same deal goes for the image below from @spliceboutique, however in reverse.


The below image from @pepamack is what I would recomend if you are trying to go for a hipster, relaxed, grungy look. It incorporates the season trend when it comes to colours like Khaki (if you want to read more into the colour Khaki and how to kill the trend head over to my post Khaki Killa)


Ok now the next image slightly goes against what I said about complimenting colours, but only through a ‘statement set’ which is another area I didnt get to touch base on in my post The Rule of Three. This is where the basic outfit compliments each other, regarding the light denim and white tee. The accessories cohesively go together (case in point, the black hat, glasses, watch and shoes).

The statement set is then added to the ensemble to make it look “put together” and set a different vibe. The statement set in this case is the floral, floor length button up dress draped over the outfit with a tan bag. The bag is supposed to compliment the different colour in the button up and dull it down to be again, more relaxed and give off a spring and/or autumn vibe (remember these seasons are transitional!)

Amazing Outfits on Facebook

Just remember denim can be dressup up or dressed down depending on the season


If you are wanting to go with the more ‘sporty chic’ trend, that has been around for quite a few seasons and has now evolved into an amazing fashion section of its own then the next few examples will show you how you can pull off this trend wearing denim jeans.


Basically, all you do is dress yourself up and add sporty accessories. haha like sneakers, bomber jackets, caps, jackets tied around the waist. the best tip of the year obviously goes to me hahaha.


It just really is that simple, anyone can pull of this look. If you look at @sherlinanym on instagram she is all about that sporty chic trend, she is well worth the insta stalk. She is also my body ‘goals’

If you are wanting a look that will either work well for Uni, college or work, I have answered your requests lol




For uni or college, a relaxed outfit that isnt too hot or cold is the best way to go.

For work, teaming a structured business top (preferably oversized) with usually any type of jeans and loafers works a treat. Having the starbucks coffee in hand and the other accessories is a plus too. If you can have all of them and the outfit, together, you got this shit! LOL

Now to my curvy girls, and even my ‘expecting’ girls, don’t worry I did not forget you!


The same rules apply to my curvy girls when it comes to colours. However… when choosing your jeans be careful with the fit!

I recommend always going for the high waisted option because frankly… it makes you look like all ass and thighs and a smaller waist, which is what we want.

if you are on the more curvier side buying jeans that are a comfortable size is key. Please do not squeeze yourself into a pair of jeans that end up showing your plumbers crack the entire time… I have done this, it is not cool. FOR ANYONE! (sorry y’all)

Expectant mummas

on a side note, obviously if you are like me and are expecting a little you, high waisted options are probably not a good choice. By probably I actually mean, don’t wear them.


If you are expecting I would suggest taking note of the image above from and opting for the boyfriend style type jean, but always remembering with loose fitting jeans like the boyfriend jean to ensure you are wearing the basic shirt and teaming it with a structured jacket (like a bomber or leather jacket).

Also, do not forget to add accessories that compliment the colours. So for harsh jackets like the leather, opt for reds and crisp colours. For bomber jackets you can usually opt for the softer colours and ‘sporty chic’ trends.

Age is just a number

I thought I would also add in a section for my older women. Age is just a number! I am not leaving out any women… well maybe our future women (children) but really everythihng looks cute on kids so go hard or go home lol


for the older beauty, I definitely recommend going for a more relaxed fit and teaming it with various layers. For winter, a crisp shirt and sweater, with a statment necklace or hat and some converse (chucks… preferably in classic white). If it gets even chillier (is that a word), definitely layer it up again with a trench coat or a long layered type jacket. This puts the look together as it compliments the shorter lengths of the sweater.

For summer, you can do the same thing but just go for the crisp shirt and shorter jeans and sneakers or some nice nude sandals. Just make sure you accessorise!

I hope this has helped a few of you out if you have had any denim dilemmas.

As always, love from mine to yours

C x



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