Kings and Queens


Hay guys, so today I just wanted to address some stuff I’ve been seeing online lately. How a wife/husband should be/act, toward the other party. Now I’m all for emotional expression, but some of this shit I feel is just common sense, however each party keeps trying to make the other a slave so they can look like they’re either in charge, or because honestly they can not be bothered putting in the effort for the other person.
If you are at that point, and can’t be bothered to fix what is not working, WALK AWAY!

There’s nothing shittier than a shit partner. Anyway…
My story started with me reading some stuff about appreciating your husband’s for the work they do and cutting them some slack. It made me emotional. Then my sister in law (hay girl, hay) tagged me in this Facebook post about a mother writing her husband a letter about what she does with the kids all day, because he complains when he comes home. So because it was so accurate, I gave it to Mefi to read… such a very wrong thing to do …
Agenda for today… ARGUING. He reckons it was all about women complaining. Phew… thought I had a romantic on my hands for sec there …


So let me break this down. Now I’m not saying I am a relationship expert but, I’d definitely say that avoiding a stale relationship is something we should all have an interest in.
Whether you have walked away, planning to, in a fantastic relationship or either party would catch a grenadeee for yaaa (see what I did there? Haha) this relates to you.
Relationships make the world go round!

1. Don’t lie
Why you fkn lyyyyyin? Mmmm oh mmmai gad. Honestly, why are you with someone if all you do is lie? Like how would you like it if the shoe was on the other foot. It’s f***ed up. That’s not a relationship, that’s babysitting your stupid ass. Damn 5 year old.

Yes you! Honestly do I need to explain? If you want a slow, painful death (I mean relationship, no I don’t) then go ahead and do you. Keep in mind this will haunt your partner for the rest of their lives wondering if they should have left your ass for being a dick. This includes girls too, if your being a slut and you actually have a loyal man at home, you’re a bitch! No body likes an asshole.

Which brings me to my next point…

3. Nobody likes an asshole!
NOBODY! why can’t you just be nice? If this person is your pride and joy, don’t treat them differently based on where you are, who you’re with etc.
Now for all of you out there like me and my husband, who take shit out on each other, I love you haha, not because it is the right thing to do but, because the struggle is real! But I encourage you to take it easy on one another, because this ruins your relationship more than anything else. Knowing when to adjust your mood is a blessing. Just be nice, its doesn’t cost anything and it’s better for your health.

4. Use your damn manners!
Farrrout if I collected a coin for every time someone was rude and/or didn’t use their manners, I’d be a millionaire. Obviously I haven’t done this, so no, I’m not a millionaire. But… It’s like one or two words, your not gonna die, just say please and thank you. Appreciated people do more for you, it’s a fact!
Thank you for dinner
Thank you for lunch
Thank you for washing the stains out my undies? Haha

I’d wash them again if you said thank you hahaha


5. Be a team, and on the same side.
Work together, I am a big advocate for equality in a relationship. Yes your husband works all day, yes we watch the kids all day, or vice versa, or maybe a different scenario altogether. We both wanna watch tv with our feet up and forget about the rotting rubbish, the overgrown lawn, the dirty dishes, the basket of unfolded washing etc. I get it, honestly I do. My husband would probably say I am the laziest person he has met, I’d say the same about him. Haha it’s a love / hate relationship! Make it fun, work as a team. If you see your husband or wife (or partner, sibling etc) struggling with something, can’t you just help? No ifs, no buts. If I’m wrangling two children while trying to pick up after all four of us and making you a sandwich, you could at least help me with one of them right? It’s about being a team. You wouldn’t wanna be on someone’s team who’s a crap player, right?
I said player, not Playa! Alright guys don’t get it twisted Haha


6. Get romantic
What the hell is so wrong with spontaneous romantic gestures? Like I don’t mean all the time, girls do like a guy to be a bit bad some of the time but… I don’t know spoil your partner (girl or guy) at least a few times a year. Would flowers sent out to them just for being them, honestly hurt you so much, or make you look so weak it’s unbearable? No! It would probably get you some ass though! Haha sorry but it’s true. Just pay some damn attention to what you’ve got. If you haven’t done this, please do. You will thank me for it.
Remember appreciated people do more for you. (Whatcha gon do wit dat dessert?)


All these things go both ways, you appreciate your man, he’s going to excel at what he does because his home is a positive sanctuary. Men, don’t get too content in thinking you’re all your woman needs, women need reminders, some days we feel ugly, some sad, some happy, it’s just us, work with it and deal with it. Encourage us, we are a reflection of you, treat us right, you’ll never have anything to worry about!

Don’t be a slave to one another and do what the other one says. It’s teamwork! You need team work to make the dream work.

Hope you enjoyed stopping by, as much as I enjoyed having you.

Until next time. You stay classy San Diego haha

C x


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