So today I was feeling sorry for myself, I had read my horoscope for this year (now look I am a Christian but I always read my star sign, I don’t know why so don’t ask haha I think I just want something to tell me that everything will work out) and it said that February was supposed to be bringing me good news… like horay, about damn time 😂

It is now the 21st of February and I have received nothing but, average to bad, news.

I was feeling disheartened, I know, so silly. But today for some reason I just felt like I couldn’t keep my head above water as I was dropping Muziq off to school. Being secretly salty that I ran out of credit so I couldn’t keep calling hit105 for the secret sound $50,000… Because let’s be honest who doesn’t need $50,000? Like I’m happy for the people who won it, they needed it too, but… It’s not Me haha

I didn’t make training this morning, I was tired as hell because Mefi and I were running too late at 5am this morning to have our normal long black coffee to keep me awake (disgusting but gets the job done)…you know what the whole day could have just been thrown in the bin at that point… But that’s just it… It was 9am! My day had just started.

So as I was driving home I tried to shift my mindset and be grateful for what I had, said a thankful prayer and kept trying to change my mood. Like I wasn’t in a bad mood, just deflated.

I decided that I would turn the car around and take the kids to the park (after Muziq went to school)

The light in my kids eyes when they saw we had stopped at the park was precious.

That’s what life is about, the small things, they add up and make big moves in your life in the way of gratitude and happiness.

I asked my kids to tell me three things that made them happy. Egypt replied with “God, the park and school”

I thought to myself, they were actually such amazing choices from a four year old. God, for spiritual happiness, the park for making your soul happy (and body) and school for engaging your brain and enabling you to create a life you love. I was proud!

Then I thought, I bet I’ll ask Major and he’ll give me some ridiculous answers, he’s two what can I really expect of him?

So I asked Major anyway and he said “here”

This is what turned my mood around. My two year old son, although it may have just been a word he just wanted to say with no meaning behind it, hit me in my feelings lol (thanks Drake for loving Keke and giving us all catch phrases to last a lifetime)

Everything around me was going wrong but I wasn’t being grateful that I was here. Gary Vaynerchuck (@garyvee) always says the fact that you’re even born, is a miracle!

Out of all the sperm that could have riggled into your mum’s egg…it was YOU! (I know graphical, sorry)

So I asked him “what else, son”

He replied with “Elsa, school”

And then I was like oh there’s my son being grateful for a damn movie 😂 just kidding, they’re both simple things but something we should be so grateful for, everything that is so easily accessible to us, we forget to be grateful for.

Anyway that was my morning and I just thought I’d share it just incase someone else may be struggling with their morning.

Just thought I’d add too, if you’re wanting to include more gratitude into your lives, go check out Finding Harmony Designs or @findingharmony_designs on Instagram she has artwork for your home to inspire gratitude and uploads regular instastories to teach you minfulness and gratitude 👏just incase you’re needing something to uplift you today

Live your life

Love from mine to yours


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I am a mum of three and wife to one. This is my blog that allows you to see into my life and all that goes on within it.

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